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Difficult Terrain
Spring Locations
Hillside Excavation
We specialize in difficult terrain where traditional excavators are unable to perform.
Learn about the Menzi Muck or contact us today to discuss your next project.


"We recently hired Tom Magalsky to revamp a stock spring for us. We HIGHLY recommend Tom for any excavation project! First, he went over and above in his efforts to locate and communicate with us when we were out of cell phone range. We were so appreciative. Second, although we couldn't use Tom's spider machine, he operated the mini-excavator we'd rented like it was an extension of himself. His experience was mesmerizing. Third, it was obvious he'd done our type of project before as he offered, without being pushy, several valid suggestions. Fourth, he charged a fair and reasonable price. Thank you, Tom."

-Gene Allard, Allard Ranch, North of Glendive, MT

"I had Alternative Excavations work on our tricky high incline terraced back yard. The excavator, Tom was able to reshape the terraced hillside, expose sensitive lines and plumbing for rerouting, all while leaving our lawn with minimal disturbance.  The excavation matched our plans so well it took very little effort to reinstall the retaining wall. It was a precise professional job that could not have been achieved without Tom's unique equipment and talent." 

-Tom Linn, Glendive, MT


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Our Location

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We are based in Terry, Montana, but happily service the whole state of Montana.


Works in up to 5' of water




Jib range
(max reach)


Lifting ability
at 9'10"
Excavation depth & discharge height


Works on grades
up to 45 degrees


30" Digging Bucket
60" Grading Bucket


Lifting ability
at 21'



Alternative Excavation specializes in difficult terrain.


The Menzi Muck all-terrain walking excavator can work in water, mud, on steep hills or in rocky terrain, where traditional excavators are unable to travel, without costly, time consuming preparation and reclaim. Because of its unique walking capabilities, the Menzi Muck can literally "walk" right through difficult terrain without leaving much of a footprint. It does not generally require special access to be built to get to reach a difficult location. This makes it not only faster and more efficient, but also environmentally friendly.


Alternative Excavation's unique capabilities allows jobs to get done much faster than traditional excavators. We can get in, get the job done and get out in less time and with less impact, allowing you to move your project forward.

Learn more about the Menzi Muck.


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